Cocoa—A fine companion cat

Cocoa is a fabulous RagDoll cat who lives at home in Virginia and sometimes on the road with Charles Messer and his wife as they migrate to and fro from western Virginia to Orlando, Florida each year following the warm weather. Cocoa is bigger than Minna, my Shih Tzu, in appearance anyway probably out weighs her by 5 lbs. Her fluffy coat is a thing to behold. Cocoa loves to travel especially in the family RV where she sits up on the dashboard taking in the view and the warm rays of the sun. As I understand it, Cocoa is four years of age and loves to snuggle. Charles says: ” I never feed her anything but her kibble, no table food ever. Cocoa is fine with that and remains the healthiest cat I’ve ever had.”

Such a regal animal. Seems to have great wisdom as well.

Another really nice attribute of traveling is meeting other pet owners who dote on their animals too. There was a couple in Edisto that had two Pit Bulls. They had everyone wondering when they started fencing in their campsite. Well they turned out to be very well behaved (the owners and their dogs) and it was fun to see those guys hanging out windows of the family Hummer as they drove through the park.

RagDoll cats are very large, stunning cats with beautiful plush coats that are medium long with a super- soft bunny-coat feeling to the touch.  The RagDoll cat is a spectacular cat in everything from its stunning appearance and crystal blue eyes to its gentle docile snuggly personality making it irresistible to any animal lover.
I am not advocating that you run out and buy a RagDoll cat but there are a lot reasons to choose this breed if you are in the market. There are some disadvantages to long hair cats and dogs—in the land of the fleas, here in the south, fleas are a big nuisance spread by squirrels, rabbits and other hairy critters and everyone I talk with seems to find K9 Advantix and Interceptor as the most effective flea treatments.

"Kool cat," says Minna

RagDolls are extremely affectionate, gentle cats that constantly crave companionship.  They love to be held and adored like craddling a baby.  RagDolls are quite docile, don’t have the natural fears that other cat breeds are prone toward, so they very quickly bond with children, dogs, and other types of pets. If you are too busy to snuggle, then the family dog is going to get a new snuggle buddy

RagDolls require almost no grooming and do an excellent job of bathing and grooming their silky coat by themselves.  RagDoll cats have very little undercoat and, because of this, shed very little and very rarely mat or have hair-balls.  Even though not required, RagDoll cats do love to be brushed and this is a great bonding ritual with their owners.  In addition, Ragdolls have very little dander and are considered to be hypoallergenic. Is this a non allergic cat?  Well, we certainly can say, it is at least a hypo-allergenic cat, producing much less of a chance of allergic reaction, most of the time in people who are “super allergic” to cats!

In you face at 3 a.m.?

The RagDoll cat breed was created in 1963 by Ann Baker.  Ms. Baker used a combination of longhaired domestic male cats along with Josephine, a white domestic longhair that had an extremely gentle, loving, and docile personality.  All RagDolls are descended from Josephine.  RagDolls became registrable in the core registries starting in 1993 and were able to start competing for champion status starting in 2000.  Though a relatively new breed RagDolls are quickly becoming the preferred breed and are considered one of the best overall cats owned for owner companionship.

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Meet Cocoa, a RagDoll cat from Orlando, Florida (and Virginia), 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings