Along with adventures, life on my journey sometimes has setbacks. Some of you know that my trailer was damaged by a falling tree in Vermont. The outcome of that was the purchase of a new trailer, which of course, I discovered after the fact, my GMC Sonoma had trouble towing and stopping.  Hence, a new truck was purchased. (Luciee One by the way has found a good home.) Followed by a lung infection and a record snow fall, all of this has slowed down my blog posting and travel activity. That is about to be remedied.

Our new (to us) 2005 Tundra with Luciee II ready to travel.

Last month in my blog post, I spoke about my role in the publication of the Japanese cookbook, KANSHA, written by Elizabeth Andoh, an American woman who’s life journey has led her to Japan. This month I am pleased to talk about Hosain Mosavat, a poet who’s life journey brought him, as a young man, to America from Iran. Here he became a teacher,  a wonderful poet and, equally, a fine photographer.

Hosain Mosavat—Poet, teacher, photographer Photo by Scott Kelby

Hosain Mosavat and I first met a few years ago when we attended a photography class about digital printing.  There was something peaceful about him that captured my attention and imagination. His appearance to me then, about the same as now, was exotic, like a guru or holy man. He had the air of enlightenment one often finds in a person who has studied the religions and discovered Sufism.  According to The Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship at   ” ‘Sufi’  is a unique Power. It does not relate to any particular religion. It belongs to all of humanity. ‘Sufi’ is a clear, pure Essence that has filtered and settled slowly, deep within. It is not something that belongs to any one religion. It is the Essence which has been filtered out from all religions by Wisdom.”

Hosain and I enjoyed an entire week gaining knowledge of the craft of digital printing. We discussed some issues of life, but mostly photography. He has extraordinary gifts. Recently Hosain sent me a poem of which he is the author, a beautiful poem expressing the rhythm of life and the relationships of rhythms in our lives today. This poem, “My Heart is Reaching,” is a reminder for all of us, in our own journeys, to seek the simple beauties of life so we shall not perish without finding meaning. The poem, about his journey and ours, is  surely appropriate to the mission of

With Hosain Mosavet’s kind permission, I offer this message to each of you as we enter the new year.

My Heart is Reaching

Red Rose Photo by William Francis Ahearn

I was going homeward
minding my own business
A rose from the side of the road yelled at me,
“Whoa, old man!  Not so fast.
I wasn’t put on the side of this road
so you could run by me.
I am here to greet you.
The least you can do is slow down.
You may never see another rose in your lifetime.
What would your life be worth then?”

My knees buckled
and I knelt down to face the rose
We conversed . . .

You have to admit
it’s quite a challenge to understand rose talk
One word from one petal
Another word from the next petal
And a golden heart in a deeper level
spewing the essence of unbearable ecstasy
I was quite overwhelmed
by so much contribution
to the growth of my heart
I said to the rose,
“How could I leave you?”
The rose replied,
“Now that we have understood each other
you could take me with you
for my job on the side of this road is complete.”

So I did
Picked up the rose by its stem
and I know not how long we walked
All I know is when I came to
I became so conscious of relating
to something so small in such a big way
I become a rose
to offer my life to people who come by to visit
and take me with them

Until the next rose by the side of your path
I bid you, “Fare, well”

9/22/10 © Hosain Mosavat

If you would care to read more of the works of Hosain Mosavat you may do so at                                                                                   

If you would care to know more of Hosain Mosavat you may do so at

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