(To the Eagles: Take It Easy)
Well, I’m a runnin’ down the Road
In Ickesburg, Pennsylvania…
And such a fine sight to see
It’s a Model A Ford—OH MY LORD!
A sparklin’ ’31 two-door Ford with
a .030 bored 327 Chebby engine—
wrapped in red, bright as can be!

Norman Maxton and his prize 1931 Model A Ford

Norman Maxton loves his 31 Ford. Norman is a partner in a accounting firm in nearby Bloomfield, PA. He polishes
and fusses over every detail. He shows it all around at car shows and has won dozens of awards.

But you know, just sittin’ up behind that fold-up windshield, runnin down the road with that much power underfoot is a trip. Brings me back to my high school years in the famous days of American Graffiti. Days when only cars and girls mattered (sometimes not even cars). Wonderful days when the music and the times were achanging but everyone appreciated a classic car.

This roadster is so red hot you are almost afraid to touch it!

Norman took me for a ride around Ickesburg. His neighbors saw us and waved right away— “Here comes Norman and his bright red beauty!”  WHAT A FINE SIGHT TO SEE!

327 Chevrolet Engine Bored over .030

327 Chevrolet Engine Bored over .030
350 Chevrolet Turbo Transmission
Vintage Air
Walker Radiator
Vega Steering Unit
2″ Chopped Top
Top Filled From 1969 Dodge Station Wagon
1979 Chevrolet Truck Fleet Red Paint

Even Miss Minna loves the it!

The shape of a coach, precision pinstriping, loving detailing. Introducing Norman Maxton's hot red 1931 Ford .

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Well, I'm a runnin' down the Road In Ickesburg, Pennsylvania..., 9.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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