As told from the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia.

Me and minna gettin' ready for a nap.

Me and minna gettin' ready for a nap.

You’ll need some implements:
—A Good Pair of Binoculars
—A Pair of Tweezers
—A Matchbox
—A Green Spot


First you find a pleasant spot down by the edge of a swamp where the afternoon sun is good for sun bathing. Alligators love to sun bathe; a spot with a tall tree you can lean up against. Pick a nice warm afternoon and bring a friend if you wish.

First thing you do when you get there is take out your green spot and set it down on a convenient place to reach, but not too close so the alligator will know where to sun bathe.

Next you sit down by the tree and take a nap. Pretty soon the alligator will see you napping and say to himself: “Hmmm, Nice spot for a nap.” Then he’ll see your green spot and slide on up to it and get right to snoozin’ and a-sun-bathin’.

Soon you’ll awake. Try to be quiet. No quick moves. No scratching or yawning. You could hum a gentle lullaby. Then ever so slowly you pick up the matchbox and slide open the drawer.

Next you pick up the tweezers, then the binoculars. Turn the binoculars around and look through the wrong end. Then reach down with the tweezers and ever so gently pick him up and put him in the matchbox drawer. Slide it closed.

Ya got yourself a GATOR!  Well done. Email me if you have questions.

Much sought after ALLIGATOR!

Much sought after ALLIGATOR!

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