The good folks at Norfolk Botanical Garden have really outdone themselves this year. Someone with a less perceptive eye might say that the display hadn’t changed that much from past years but it really has and in one really wonderful way. New three dimensional effects occur throughout the gardens with the obviously well planned and placed lights.

The depth of this display is amazing!

The depth of this display is amazing!

The moon and stars display at the far end of the great bridge near the Healing Garden is the best. Driving over that bridge gives you a sense of rising to meet the moon and stars. It is magical. The stars are the universe laid out before us.



Of course there are other wonders as well. The romping dragon breathes its fire for us, the hummingbird captures our imagination, the red tree on the right just after the rose garden bridge in singularly striking, the mermaid points the way. Finally there is the gingerbread house standing there with its marvelous lights of gingerbread!


This a don’t miss event for your holiday and (while they last I assume) you get a gift for a small donation TOO!  Don’t miss the new front gates and sign—spectacular!

Here are a few snaps to bring you up to speed. But no photograph can do this fine work of art and service to the community justice. Bring the whole family.

Just for Karen

Just for


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